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Find a sales representative from our community of thoughtful and caring agents. We treat you like family at Pemberton Holmes.

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We have been a welcome real estate partner in the communities of Vancouver Island since 1887.


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We serve Vancouver Island  communities from Victoria to Port Hardy and the Gulf Islands to Bamfield.

Trusted by Vancouver Island Home Sellers Since 1887

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Business relationships of trust and confidence with fiduciary ties to our clients

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Professionally Designed Advertising & Promotion Campaigns

In addition to the corporate site, each Pemberton Holmes office has its own website with local listings and news. These portals allow customers to learn more about each property, the community, and connect with a local sales representative.

Your listing is also shared through a powerful syndicated network that includes thousands of websites belonging to real estate professionals on Vancouver Island and across Canada.

Finally, we have distribution agreements with some of Canada’s leading news, financial, and media organizations to ensure that your home is marketed to its maximum potential.

Your sales representative will use a variety of tools and media designed to attract buyers and make it easy for them to appreciate your property. Here are some of our favourite technologies:

  • Professionally retouched still photos to show evening and daytime lighting effects
  • Virtual staging and decor that show the potential of empty homes
  • Whole home renderings in 3-D
  • 360° virtual tours and fly-throughs for an immersive experience
  • Aerial photos and videos using the latest in drone technology
  • Floor plans that are drawn to industry standards

We are proud to represent sellers in the very special Vancouver Island real estate market. All our sales representatives receive training in advertising and promotion of luxury homes and subspecialty properties, such as equestrian and waterfront estates.

If your property is above a certain price threshold, it may be posted on the website Luxury Real Estate. It features a collection of distinctive and rare properties for the discerning buyer – and attracts a true worldwide audience for your home.

If you like to lead in the selling process, then you might be a ‘Do Some of it Yourself’ or DSIY home seller. Let your sales representative know if you would like to help prepare and market your home. Your personal experience and viewpoint adds to the story of your home and its value.

  • Participate in home staging
  • Share your photos of views, garden and yard presentations, sunsets and sunrises
  • Make a comprehensive list of everything you think is a hidden feature and benefit
  • Promote the MLS listing in your personal social media accounts and network of friends

Selling your home is a serious business but it can also be a lot of fun. We welcome your participation to list and sell your Vancouver Island home.

Advertising and promotion for Parksville and Qualicum Beach real estate

Deep Experience in Your Local Market

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Zoom this map to your neighbourhood then select a range of features that match your home’s configuration. View the most current asking prices based on a proven evaluation system.

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Looking for your dream home? Browse these waterfront listings for some of the most exclusive real estate on Vancouver Island. Enjoy prestige, location, and a durable investment.

We Ensure Your Success by Caring About You

You’ve chosen a brokerage that leads the industry with specialized legal training and deep market knowledge to safeguard your best interests at all times. We invite you to contact an agent in your area.

Listing Your Home for Sale?

We provide a comprehensive umbrella of protection

All licensed agents are insured, legal fiduciaries and must work to protect the public by acting in the best interests of clients. We work in partnership with provincial regulators and licensing bodies to make sure that your transaction is a success.

Pemberton Holmes sales representatives are legally obligated to uphold the rights and interests of consumers. Genuine care and concern about people makes all the difference in our business.

Begin with a personal appointment

The first step is to meet with your sales representative who will conduct an in-depth analysis of your situation and determine market value. From there, an advertising and promotion plan is developed that is specific to the needs of you and your family.

Your sales representative will schedule professional-quality photography and multi-media to make your MLS® listing stand out from the competition (ask for details). A key lockbox and lawn sign will be installed to make your property easier to find and show.

The cost to sell is different for every property

Your sales representative will explain selling costs in detail during your personal appointment. There are a number of factors that affect the total selling cost including commission, fees, potential upgrades, and taxes.

Price Is Set By Supply And Demand In The Current Market

There are two ways to establish a value for your home. The first is an appraisal and the other is a comparative market analysis. An appraisal is a snapshot of value in the market at that moment. In comparison, a comparative market analysis is a multi-disciplinary approach that takes into account changing demand, price trajectories, and potential equity enhancers such as a new school planned for the neighbourhood.

Your sales representative will present a comprehensive study on market values and help you decide on an asking price to sell your Port Alberni home.

Your Sales Representative Will Coordinate Showings

A lockbox with an entrance key will provide easy access to sales representatives who have a secure electronic key provided by the local real estate board. After a showing, we’ll let you know what the buyer’s reaction was and if their sales representative received any feedback for you. As an option, your sales representative will discuss open houses to determine if they’re right for marketing your home.

Security and safety are the highest priority for everyone so if you have concerns, just let us know.

The Buyer’s Representative Will Draft The Purchase Offer

Your sales representative will review it with you, discuss the implications of the terms, and assist with decisions to reject, alter, or accept the offer. Your agent is trained in negotiating terms and conditions for real property. We will ensure the terms fully support your best interests in the transaction.

We Will Manage The Closing Process For You

Your sales representative will continue working for you after the sale. We are here to support you by managing the transaction and assisting with the due diligence process. Financing, home inspections, and a second walk-through can affect the contract terms. Your sales representative will facilitate any changes that might be needed and keep the sale process moving forward to completion.

If you have questions after moving in, you’re invited to contact us for friendly advice or just to say ‘hello’. You’re part of our family when you buy or sell a home with Pemberton Holmes.

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Pemberton Holmes created a positive home-selling experience with a progressive approach.”

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We are proud to represent buyers and sellers in this very special real estate market.

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